Professional continuity

We do not hire star managers. Nor do we cultivate them. We hire talented individuals with diverse backgrounds who are passionate about investing and demonstrate true potential. We mentor and train them over many years, each working alongside seasoned investment professionals. This allows for sustainable, consistent investment execution over the long term and seamless transitions among managers.

Sustainable investment management
Recruitment Analysts are typically recruited at the analyst level for fixed income and equity teams
Rotation Analysts rotate through different sectors broadening their knowledge and developing a sense of perspective for variety of industries
Training As they gain experience, they graduate to more senior roles and the most promising are gradually entrusted with funds to manage under the tutelage of a senior portfolio manager
Promotion Elevated to portfolio management

Singularly focused on client success

Portfolio managers, assistant managers and research analysts – junior and senior – are rewarded based on their long-term investment results creating a singular, aligned focus when it comes to investor goals.