Investment management background

Prudent, disciplined and repeatable investment process


  • Highly rated managers
  • Repeatable approach to investing
  • Disciplined research-driven investors

Our focus is to provide exceptional income and capital preservation solutions for our clients.

We add value through our proprietary, bottom-up research that applies a prudent, disciplined and repeatable investment process.

The results are low volatility portfolios designed to provide consistent risk-adjusted returns over the long term. 

Equity approach 

We are stock pickers who add value by examining quantitative and qualitative factors to measure a company's potential, insisting on strong balance sheets, revenue and earnings growth, as well as strong competitive positioning and international leverage.Rigorous internal research and modelling ensures that each investment decision is supported by objective information. This allows the team to understand, define and analyze the risk of every security selected. Therefore risk is controlled at the security level which has the potential for delivering higher risk-adjusted performance over the long term.

Fixed-income approach 

We aim to produce consistent interest income and growth by primarily investing in Canadian corporate bonds. We believe corporate bonds have the potential to offer higher value-added returns than government bonds and that fundamental research can mitigate additional credit risk. Debt issues are, as a result, subject to the same rigorous analysis as equities following a disciplined step-by-step process. Incremental additional returns are generated through trading decisions based on anomalies in the market and yield curve opportunities.

Investment team

Equity and fixed-income teams work closely together sharing ideas and leveraging the network of investment professionals around the world.