A wide range of risk management protocols

We thank investors for the trust they place in us as stewards of their assets. We honour that trust by adhering to a wide range of risk management protocols that start at the corporate governance level and continue through portfolio construction ending at the individual security level. At the core of our risk management policies is the belief that wealth preservation is as important as wealth creation. Our governance policies support this while our investment professionals must adhere to the highest standards of both corporate and industry codes of conduct.

Portfolio Risk Management

Individual Securities
- Risk is controlled at the security level - Proprietary models on each and every holding
- Models updated regularly - When possible meetings with senior management
Portfolio Oversight
- Daily monitoring of portfolios by the portfolio manager - Attribution analysis and regular scheduled meetings (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly)
- Oversight by operations and compliance systems and CEO
Corporate Governance
- Adhere to a number of strict internal and external policies, procedures and guidelines