​Strict upside and downside disciplines

We build focused, high-conviction portfolios with only 40-to-50 of our best ideas making it into the portfolio. This leads to a relatively high concentration with the top ten holdings accounting for about 40% of total assets. We also have a strict upside and downside discipline: stocks are placed under formal review if they fall 10% and must offer compelling upside for purchase. 

Portfolios for income and yield

One of our trademarks is generating sustainable income and yield within equity portfolios. Income and yield comes from careful analysis of the TSX & S&P500 universe of companies to identify sustainable dividend payers, cutters and risers. Historically dividend-paying companies have delivered higher annualized returns over the long term. When constructing equity income portfolios, the team is particularly interested in these high-quality dividend offerings that offer sustainable and growing yields.

Portfolios for growth

When constructing growth portfolios, we focus on Canadian and U.S. companies and industry sectors that provide the potential for superior returns. Investments are made in companies displaying a history of consistent and or accelerated earnings growth, rising revenues, increased cash flow and market share. Strong management with a clearly defined plan for growth is also important as is leadership in the field in terms of cost production advantages or brand recognition.